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Bruker D8 three-circle diffractometer 

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Maxwell C. Day

I'm a PhD candidate in the Geological Sciences program at the University of Manitoba. My theoretical research involves developing structure hierarchies for silicate minerals using the geometrical and topological properties of the strongly bonded silicate structural unit.

I am also interested in understanding the controls on the stability and abundance of specific arrangements of Si-tetrahedra. Potential controls evaluated thus far include bond valence constraints such as Lewis acidity/basicity , bond topology and bond geometry.

I have worked on many experimental projects such as long- and short-range order in amphiboles, heating and dehydroxylation of amphiboles, and the chemical and structural characterization of several new mineral species. Involvement in such projects has allowed me to collaborate and publish with colleagues from around the world and has forced me to become proficient with SEM, EMP, SCXD, XRD and FTIR instrumentation and experimental techniques.

Bond topology poster at the 2019 Goldschmidt conference

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